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PrismaBox. Your favourite new tool.

The PrismaBox system supports you...


within your studio

The PrismaBox system manages your entire studio! Your focus? Taking the pictures!

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at events

Proms, birthday parties or weddings. That's what PrismaBox has been designed for!

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at schools and in kindergarten

Stay focused with the PrismaBox system, even within a whirl of children.

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Sell your images in your own online shop.

The online gallery transforms into your personal online shop.
Upload your images, set your prices and start selling your photos within 5 minutes.
For each successful order processed by our system we charge a flat fee of 35p plus 7.5 % of the order value.

Earn more with PrismaBox

£ 40.00
£ 3.35
Competitors (20%)
£ 8.00
Your savings
58 %

Copyright your pictures

Within the online gallery, you have the option to watermark your pictures. You can choose between different watermarks or upload your own one. Only a few clicks and your online shop photos are copyrighted as well."

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Don't lose track of your customers

The new customer management tool collects information on your customers and creates individual files on them. No matter if previous shootings, incoming orders or the address - all the important information can be found at on place from now on.

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Data security – not only a a word!

Due to the latest storage and backup methods, your pictures are in good hands with us. Your pictures are stored and additionally secured at several places in Germany. Make sure your pictures are protected against storm and fire.

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Photographers love us!

Foto Gramann

I was looking for an easy solution for selling my pictures. The PrismaBox system has exceeded all my expectations regarding an online photo shop!

Nino Gloor

The support concerning the online gallery installation is excellent with PrismaBox! My questions have always been answered quickly and my suggestions have not only been accepted but also taken up.

Oscar Brunet

Currently, I'm using the PrismaBox system for a long-term timelapse project. Since the customer uploads the progress daily on his website, the PrismaBox system is the perfect solution.
I would like to say thank you, again, for the excellent support! Keep it coming!

Free support

We provide free support for the PrismaBox online services as well as for the PrismaBox Receiver during our office hours.
Additionally, we support your customers when having troubles concerning their orders.
Hence, it also applies for our support, that you take the pictures, we take care of the rest!

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25 GB for free No monthly costs.

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Our office is occupied Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.


We monthly update you on everything concerning photography with the PrismaBox system.

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